• Are there any flavors or other additives in your coffee?

    None of our coffees contain added flavoring. The flavors you will see listed for many of the coffees are tasting notes that we have picked out that are derived from where the coffee was grown and how it was roasted. You can think of this as similar to wine - there are certain notes of flavors tha...
  • Are your coffees organic and/or fair trade?

    We partner only with small batch, independent roasters, and we carefully screen them not just for their bean sourcing practices, but for their overall attention to quality in the finished product. In the coffee industry, both organic and fair trade certifications are often associated, ironically,...
  • Does Bean Box have any decaf offerings?

    We do! Have a gander at our current decaf coffee offerings. We also offer Decaf Coffees of the Month as both subscriptions and gifts.
  • Do you offer ground coffee?

    Yes, we offer a freshly ground coffee subscription, along with a select set of ground coffee gifts. We take the freshness and flavor of our coffee to heart. That’s why our Freshly Ground offerings start with whole bean, roasted-to-order coffee and are ground with a state-of-the-art professional g...
  • How can I purchase full bags of the coffee I love in my Bean Box?

    We're glad you asked! Just head to our Coffee Section. You can get more of the caffeinated delight of your choice in 12 ounce bags. You can text the Roast Number located on the label of each coffee to us at 855-888-4830 for ultra fast, easy ordering!
  • How fresh is your "Ready to Ship" coffee?

    All coffee in our Ready to Ship section has been roasted within the past 1-2 weeks, so you're being sent coffee that is fresh and at the perfect time to brew!
  • I got a coffee I really don't like. Am I stuck with it?

    If you receive a coffee you don't like, please reach out to us at and we can help!
  • I'm allergic to dairy, nuts, gluten, soy, and animal products. Can I safely drink your coffee?

    Our coffees contain one ingredient, and one ingredient only: whole coffee beans. There are no additives and no other ingredients. We do offer boxes containing a variety of treats paired with coffee. These treats do have other ingredients; if you have allergies or other concerns, feel free to ask!
  • Is your coffee Kosher?

    Our coffee is not certified kosher but it is not non-kosher. We source coffees from roasters who have the highest standards for farm to cup quality including forming direct relationships with micro- lot farmers and roasting each bean to the bring out the flavors if its origins. Please be aware th...